Monday, December 10, 2012

Merely Mystery End of the Challenge Giveaway!

I am not sure when I first fell in love with mysteries, but I do know Encyclopedia Brown and I spent quite a bit of time together.  And later it was Nancy Drew.  I enjoy seeing the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and understanding what motivates people to do what they do.  I like seeing justice win out in the end but also appreciate that it may not always do so.  Crime fiction can be thrilling and intense, and almost always is suspenseful.

The focus of the  Merely Mystery Challenge was to explore the different types of crime fiction out there.  We focused on the following sub-genres:
The Whodunit
Locked Room Mystery
The Inverted Detective Story
The Historical Whodunit
The Police Procedural
The Professional Thriller
The Spy Novel
Caper Stories
The Psychological Suspense
Spoofs and Parodies

Participants could participate in one of two ways, choosing either the Down on Her/His Luck Gumshoe (reading two or more books in any of the above categories) or the Shamus Who Has Seen It All (reading at least one book in each category).

Over the course of the challenge, I enjoyed seeing what everyone was reading--many new books have since been added to my wish list.  Those of you who participated deserve a pat on the back for your effort, whether you finished or not.  The main goal was to have fun reading, and I hope you had much of that!

For those who did complete the challenge (or will before the year is out), I am holding a giveaway--a book of your choice ($30 limit). To qualify, all you must do is leave a link to your wrap up post here* by 11:59 p.m.  on December 31st, 2012.  The drawing will be completely random, and I will notify and announce the winner later that same week.  It's as simple as that!  If you do not have a blog but you participated in the challenge, you are welcome to write up a little wrap up and leave it in the comments.  Good luck!

And to everyone who participated, many thanks for your hard work and efforts!  It is the participants that make a challenge successful and you all did a great job.  Thank you.

*Note: For those who have already posted links to their wrap up posts previously, you do not need to do so again (unless you really want to). You will be automatically entered in the giveaway drawing.

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  1. Very cool challenge, and very nice prize pack!! I hope your winner enjoys it!


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