Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Tangents & Random Thoughts

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Anya Update: Our weekly veterinarian visits have slowed down to one every three weeks, thank goodness. I'm relieved and I know Anya is too. We go back to the doctor on Friday for another red blood cell check. Her health has been improving steadily and the prognosis is good. She's become a good little pill taker, even if she sometimes tries to hide when she sees my husband coming with the pill.

Sometimes filling out those customer service feedback surveys on a restaurant's website proves to be beneficial. I only wish the restaurant hadn't given us a gift card with the word "complimentary" on it. It's like a neon sign saying that we are fussy diners.

You might be fussy too if you kept finding gum under the table.

My latest television obsession (next to the final season of Lost) is The Pacific. Two episodes have aired on HBO so far. and I am completely smitten. For those who liked The Band of Brothers, The Pacific is a must see.

I need to call my medical doctor and schedule an appointment, but I keep dragging my feet. I think it's a residual effect of my last dental visit. They took me to the back an hour late (because they forgot about me was what I was told--they weren't busy nor did they have any emergencies putting them behind) and proceeded to torture me for three hours as they tried to fit the permanent crown in every which way. Did it really need to take that long to realize it wouldn't fit? Let's not talk about the nine x-rays they had to take because they were having trouble getting the right angle and the three impressions they took because they couldn't even get that right (as the assistant is sliding the first one into my mouth, the dentist told him to prepare another one because she knew I was bleeding too much and the impression wouldn't be good). I go back this Friday to try again. I am seriously thinking of changing dentists after this. It's been one thing after another with that dental office.

I went in with no pain and came out with pain that still hasn't managed to go away. It's been over a week and a half.

I have to say though, my dentist is very nice otherwise.

My coworker loaned me her copy of the first volume of Twilight in graphic novel form. It's taunting me from its current location. I probably should get to it so I can return it.

My boss loaned me a copy of The Last Child by John Hart. She couldn't put it down. Have you read it? If so, what did you think?

My husband is reading Karen E. Olson's The Missing Ink and enjoying it. Whew!

What have you been up to? Any random thoughts you would like to share?

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  1. I'm glad Anya is getting better, Wendy!

    Yikes about the dental visits. I'm never keen in visiting them anyway, no matter what the situations are, LOL.

    I'm currently reading Shutter Island and enjoying it! Can't wait for the movie to open next month!! ;)

  2. Love all these random tangents (maybe I will post one today...)

    SO glad that Anya is doing better. I know that is a relief for you!

    I truly detest dentists. All my experiences have been like the one you described - so consequently I do not go as often as I should :( Hope this Friday is less traumatic for you.

  3. There's lots going on in your life! That dentist visit sounds like it was awful! I don't blame you for wanting to switch to another dentist.

  4. So glad to here that your cat is doing better. I have that John Hart book but have not listened to it yet; I did enjoy Down River by him.

    Good luck with the whole dentist ordeal Wendy.

  5. We got one of those complimentary gift cards to a restaurant one time and everyone in the restaurant fell all over themselves to be nice to us. It was kind of embarrassing.

    I hope your next dentist visit goes better!

  6. Oh my gosh, you poor dear. I would be considering another dentist too. I hate the dentist. I feel so bad for you. :(

    I'm glad Anya is doing better! Hooray! Poor kitty has been through so much, I'm sure she is very happy to be feeling better.

    Your blog can be dangerous for m to read, it is making my bookshelf get bigger with more books that need to be read :)

  7. I'm so glad to know that Anya is feeling better...what a relief! And I am really starting to despise the dentist too. I am still in pain/discomfort after a procedure I had done a week ago. I have to go back and have a tooth pulled and I am dreading it!

  8. Thanks for the Anya update, Wendy - I'd been wondering about her. Glad she's doing so much better!

    I think I'd change dentists too. "We forgot about you" isn't a good sign.

    I really enjoyed your Tangents this week - definitely in the spirit of randomness! Mine were pretty much the result of a one-track mind.:)

  9. Twilight in graphic novel form?? That Twilight? THE Twilight? What madness is this, and why haven't I heard about it? lol

  10. I have been thinking of Anya and look for news in your writings, so glad to hear she is feeling better!

    Sorry about the dentist visit. If you like him otherwise, maybe you could just have a talk with him first before you find another one.

    Had not heard of the Twilight in graphic novel form. Sounds interesting.

    Today we have nice sunshine. The horses got a new big bale of hay. They are searching for the green stuff but not much around yet. Mud is starting to dry up some.

  11. So glad Anya is getting better! I am a newly converted cat person, and never knew I could feel this way about an animal. :)

    My sister loved Missing Ink and said book two is even better.

    I have The Last Child on my to-read list for someday.

    My daughter wants the Twilight graphic novel something fierce. :)

  12. Glad that Anya is back on the road to recovery. So sorry about the needless pain you had to endure at the dentist. Can't wait to read what you think about the graphic novel of Twilight!!!

  13. I'm so glad Anya is doing better! Sorry about the dentist. I'm cringing just reading that. I hate dentists. Your experience would scare me away forever.

    I have The Last Child on my reader but haven't read it yet. It sure sounds good though.

  14. I'm so glad to hear Anya is doing better, and that she doesn't have to go to the vet quite so often anymore! Having just come back from my third vet visit in three days, I feel your pain.

  15. So glad to hear that Anya is on the road to health and sorry about the dentist, yikes! My random fun for today was learning about All Sorts because I love collective nouns http://all-sorts.org/

  16. Hooray for Anya!

    And I'd definitely switch dentists...pain+bad service is just uncalled for.

  17. You have very nice colleagues who loans you books. :D Mine lend me THE SMOKE JUMPER.

    I'm happy to hear that Anya is doing well now. I'll continue to pray for her. I am not a fan of dentists but mine is good, though.

    I need to catch THE PACIFIC.

  18. Great news about the kitty! It's about time we had some good news about the fur kids around here!

    Now, I've got to ask, as gently as I can... how are you finding this gum under tables in restaurants? I mean, there's no way I'd be putting my hands under there in the first place...

    Granted it's disgusting that people do that but if you kept your hands on top of the table...

    Yes, I'm teasing. Hope you don't mind.


  19. Melody - I am glad she is doing better too, Melody. Hopefully we will have even better news at our visit to the vet next week.

    The second time around the dentist was able to get it right. I was in and out pretty fast. I don't understand why it was so hard to get it right the first time though!

    Molly - It is a relief! Hopefully she'll continue to improve. She's good about taking the pills, but I'm sure we all wish we didn't have to give them to her every day.

    My husband's recent dental visits were just as nightmarish. It's sad so many of us go through this!

    Donna (Myckyee) - I'm looking into another dentist. Hopefully I can find a good one!

    Diane - My boss loved the John Hart book. I still haven't gotten to it. Hopefully this month. One of my other coworkers is slated to get it after me. I tried to get her to take it before me, but she's got other books lined up before it too.

    Kathy - That would be nice! We did use the gift card but since it didn't come out until the end of our visit--nothing exciting happened. LOL

    Nicole (funnybookworm) - I really detest dentist visits. :-( The next one did go better fortunately. Now I don't have to go back for another 6 months, thank goodness!

    Kathleen - I am so glad she's feeling better too! She's also packing on the weight quite nicely. LOL I'd blame the medication, but she was a big eater even before that.

    I hope you are feeling better dental wise! My husband's still got some discomfort after his recent work. He doesn't want to go back to the dentist though so keeps putting it off.

    Florinda - Anya's bigger than Parker now--she's a bit taller and definitely heavier.

    I couldn't believe they forgot about me. I was the only one in the waiting area--and the desk is open so the receptionist could clearly see me. This isn't the first time I've had to wait so long--just the first time they'd forgotten me!

    Andi - The Twilight graphic novel is the first of three volumes, I believe. I really like the artwork.

    Carla - Thank you for your thoughts of Anya, Carla. This morning she was play wrestling with my dog and swatting at him as he ran by her.

    I've been having issues with my dental office for quite some time now--one of them being that my dentist changes just about every six months to a year. I've been going to the office for over ten years and it's like a revolving door for dentists. I'd kind of like to have one dentist--and that won't happen if I stay with the current office I'm with, I don't think.

    I hope the horses are enjoying good weather still!

  20. Carrie - Animals have a way of worming their way into our hearts, whether we expect it or not, don't they? :-)

    My husband is enjoying Missing Ink. I'll be curious to know his final thoughts when he finishes it!

    Staci - Thank you! I'm glad she is doing better too. :-)

    Darlene - I wish now I'd put on my form that I was afraid of dentists, not that it would have made a difference! LOL I'm just glad I'm done for at least the next six months.

    Ana (Nymeth) - Thank you. I noticed my vet hasn't been charging us for the actual visits the last couple of times--just the blood test, which is so nice of her. She probably realizes how much of a toll frequent vet visits can take on the bank account.

    I'm sorry you and your little one had to spend so much time at the vet lately too. It's never fun or easy.

    Nikki - I'm glad her treatment has gone so well! Hopefully she'll be back up to 100% in another few months and we can put this behind us.

    Thank you for the link to All Sorts. It's a fun site!

    Jill (Softdrink) - I agree! I've put up with that dental office for too long. I should have switched ages ago.

    Alice - Yes, I'm fortunate to be surrounded by readers at work. :-) Thank you for your continued prayers for Anya, Alice. They are definitely helping as you can see. :-)

    Maybe I should come see your dentist! A little travel to see a good dentist might not be so bad. ;-)

    CJ - Isn't it? It seems like everywhere I turn there is bad news about our furkids. I'm glad Anya seems to be on the mend.

    The gum under the table . . . I don't blame you for asking. LOL I wondered if anyone would. I've learned that I shouldn't sit with my hands in my lap at restaurants anymore, that's for sure!

    Teddy - Thank you!


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