Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday Salon: Ever Have a "Listen to this!" Moment?

They are staring at me. The books on my desk. You want to read me. You know you do. Get off the computer and read me, they whisper. I tell them I have a Sunday Salon post to write. Tsk, tsk.

I spent a good part of the week in Minnesota with Edward, the protagonist in Christopher Meeks' novel, The Brightest Moon of the Century. When I began reading the book, I was nestled under the covers in bed. "Honey!" I called, scurrying out of bed to get my husband who was playing World of Warcraft in our home office. "Listen to this!" Barely a page into the book and I had found something funny I just had to share.

I do that occasionally. I get this overwhelming need to share passages out of the books I am reading with my husband or whoever else may be handy. I remember sitting in the break room during my lunch time one day while reading Mary Roach's Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. Now there was a book that I couldn't stop talking about as I read. My colleagues got an earful that day and then my husband when he got home from work.

Do you ever get the overwhelming desire to talk about a moment in the book you are reading or share a passage? Maybe something funny or shocking? Or an especially beautiful turn of a phrase? Maybe something that enrages you or makes you think outside of your comfort zone.

I am lucky that my husband does not mind my book talk. He does the same to me on occasion, although I definitely do it more often.

My books are calling to me again. I had better hurry up and decide what I will be reading next. Happy Reading!

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  1. Wendy..
    Often I find the same thing happens to me. I can only share with my animals, but they look as if they understand so I feel like I shared. LOL

    This book sounds awesome. Now I have to add to my TBR pile. Thanks for the story. :)

  2. I tend to drive my hubby bonkers with the incessent "show and tell" I tend to do when reading. Sometimes I'm waking up since I read in bed before falling asleep and he's beaten me to dreamland. Sometimes you can't wait to share something funny, interesting, horrifying, touching, amazing or just plain strange.

  3. My books talk to me all the time. Right now most are saying : "we can't breath".LOL

    All but about 10 are packed up for our move in 22 days.

  4. That happens to me all the time. I hate when I want to share with someone and there's no one around. That is a great thing about online book groups and blogging. You can put your thoughts out there anytime. It doesn't matter if someone is reading it or not. It's nice when someone does though;-) Happy Sunday Wendy!

  5. I'm glad that your books talk to you too. It makes me feel less guilty

  6. Sometimes I share with a person and sometimes I just stop and re-read it out loud. And blogs are talking out loud in a way too.

    Today I am starting The Believers by Zoe Heller. High hopes. Happy reading!

  7. My husband and I both do that with each other, but it usually happens when we encounter funny lines in our reading - we like to make each other laugh.

    If my books talked to me, there would be such a din that I wouldn't be able to make out the individual voices, so I would probably stop listening.

    I have a book about reading to kids that I've promised to review quickly, so I hope to read it quickly this week as well. Enjoy your Sunday, Wendy!

  8. I love the way you wrote this post! I can identify! Sometimes the waiting books whisper but most of the time they are screaming at me to pick them up.

    As far as sharing, I will bug my husband occasionally, and he'll laugh appropriately, but, somehow, he never really appreciates it as much as I do.

    Sometimes, I'll read a section to my high school students to try to get them interested enough to maybe read the book, and sometimes it's successful. Even if just one students shows an interest, I feel like I've done a good thing.

    Interesting post! Thank you!

    Have a good week!

  9. Yep, I definitely get that desire! What's frustrating is when the bit you want to talk about so badly is spoilerific, and so you have to keep it all inside. That makes me want to run around trying to find someone who's also read the book :P

  10. My books taunt me while they are sitting on the shelf...they don't know what it means to whisper! I have the same moments where I have to share what I am reading with someone. Blog comes in handy in this way. My husband humors me, but often really has no interest in the subject I am nattering about! I will sometimes unload on my mom, as she is a reader, but she doesn't always get me either!

  11. Book blogging is only place I talk about books. Other than my brothers, no one is interested to talk about books with me.

    Sunday Salon

    TSS: The Red Tent

  12. I know how you feel. I find that hardly anyone I know in person reads the way I do, so I have a hard time when I want to share something I've read. I'll usually just share it with my hubby anyway, whether or not he cares :-)

    Oh, and good luck with the header tab thing. There are several sites out there that can help you along with it, that's how I managed to figure it out, simply by searching...

  13. That happens to me all the time too! Especially with non-fiction, my husband has gotten used to it and is always ready to listen when he hears me set my book down. With some books I feel like I may as well just read the whole book aloud, Freakonomics and all 3 Mary Roach books come to mind :)

  14. The only place I can share parts of books with is online - either blogs or Yahoo groups. My husband isn't really all that interested in my books :)

    Have a great Sunday!

  15. Ahhh--books calling to you to get off the computer and read them. I know all about that. I was disciplined enough to write my post yesterday, but still no reading done today.

    I haven't read a book in a while where I've had to read something aloud to my husband. The last books I can vividly remember doing that with are Snow Crash and The Color of Magic.

    Glad you're enjoying your book! Have a great rest of your Sunday.

  16. I have something for you on my blog.

    Also, I got the book back. You gave me your address...right?

  17. Yes absolutely that happens to me! I usually don't have anyone to share with. :(

  18. I do it all the time and have learned not to look at my husband's face to see if he is even paying's usually better if I don't!! I loved Stiff- lots of interesting stuff to talk about!! Recently, my coworkers had to listen to my horrific thoughts about Living Dead Girl.

  19. This happens to me, too. I read to my husband and sometimes he responds by asking more about what I'm reading. Usually he nods and says "That's nice, dear". I'm sure he's not really hearing me:)

  20. My husband and son read in the same room with me every day and we are always reading something interesting to each other from our respective books. We read very different things so it keeps life interesting. Wanting to share is natural. My books beg to be read at times. Not only do they speak to me they keep putting themselves where I'll be sure to see them frequently.
    You're a real trooper visiting my blog twice today to read both post. Thanks.

  21. I do that all of the time with nonfiction! I just finished a book about blood-eating animals, hehe, and my family learned more than they ever wanted to know about leeches. ;)

  22. Oh totally. Usually my husband just mutters something encouraging enought to make me think he might have been listening to me, which is enough acknowledgement to get me back into my book right away. :)

  23. Donna - Animals are such good listeners, aren't they? I'm not sure they understand a word I'm saying, but they at least look attentive--some of the time anyway. :-)

    Karen - I'm sure I drive my husband crazy too. He tolerates it well though. :-)

    Diane - Haha! Tell them they have less than a month to go before they will be free again.

    Kristy - Online book groups and blogs are great for sharing an especially wonderful moment, I agree!

    Kerrie - They can get downright rowdy sometimes! :-)

    Frances - Very true! Blogs are great for sharing such things as well. I will do that too sometimes, reread a passage when no one else is around to share it with. Of course, sometimes my animals have to listen to me reading out loud . . . They've never complained.

    I hope you enjoy The Believers! I want to read that one too.

    Florinda - Anjin and I like to make each other laugh too. :-) Our sense of humors can be a bit weird sometimes.

    I really couldn't separate the whispers, I admit. There were so many of them.

    Linda - Oh I know! My books are often much too loud. I think it was because it was so late when I wrote my Sunday Salon post.

    I know what you mean about the spouse not appreciating it as much as we do. It's the same in my house. That's great that you try to entice your students! As you said, even if one person shows an interest, you've succeeded!

    Nymeth - That can be a problem! With my husband though, it's rare that he'll read just any book I read. Sometimes I will ask him first if he's going to read the book, and if he says no, I go ahead and tell him whatever it was I wanted to tell him. :-)

    Sandy - Haha! Mine were being rather kind by keeping it to a whisper. I'm sure there are times when my husband only pretends to be listening to me. :-)

  24. Gautami - Sometimes I don't care if the person I am talking to is interested or not--I tell them anyway. :-)

    Melissa - I am not sure my husband is always so interested in hearing about the books I read, but he's a good sport about it.

    My husband thinks he's figured out the header thing. I'll give it a try and see how it turns out. Fingers crossed!

    Joanne - My husband is good about that too. :-) I haven't read Freakonomics yet, but the two Mary Roach books I read were quite the conversation starters between my husband and I when I read them. I need to read Bonk still.

    Yvonne - At least you have a place to share, right? Animals are great for talking to too, although it's hard to know if they are actually listening. :-)

    Trish - I wrote my post at about 2 a.m. I think that's why they were only whispering--they new I wasn't likely to pick one up and read it at that moment. :-)

    I really will read Snow Crash one of these days.

    Amy - That's what Twitter is for! :-)

    Staci - Probably a good idea! Haha! I can just imagine the need to talk about Living Dead Girl. I can see myself doing that with that one if I read it.

    Gavin - LOL Yes, that sums up some of my conversations with my husband when I share a passage with him too.

    Sandra - I love that image! The one of you and your family reading in the same room, sharing with each other.

    I know what you mean about those books putting themselves right in your way so they get noticed. Mine do that too.

    Eva - I would be doing the exact same thing, I'm sure! :-)

    Rachel - Exactly! LOL

  25. My husband has a complete double standard on this. He hates it when I interrupt his reading to share something, but if he reads something particularly funny or intriguing, he has no qualms about interrupting me. :)

  26. Carrie K. - My dad is the same way with my mom--not just with books but with tv too. :-)

  27. oh yes, it does happen to often, but most of the time there is no bosy around who is interested in listening to what I want to say. I had a lot of those moments when I read 'Legends of Pensam' by Mamang Dai. The prose is so beautiful, you have to share it.

  28. My books are calling to me all the time, LOL. It only depends if I want to listen to them, e.g. thinking of the books I'm reading during office hours, which is a big no-no! :P

    I do share some of my favourite passages with my husband, though he is a non-reader, haha. And sometimes, those moments lead us to a 'friendly debate' which I think it's great because from there we could see other's POV and exchange views. :)

  29. I have quite a few books vying for my attention, but luckily they've just been staring rather than shouting! :P

    My husband doesn't really read fiction, but I have shared some things with him when I read my occasional non-fiction. And he'll talk to me about some of the stuff he reads sometimes. Otherwise, my blog really is my main outlet for discussing books.

  30. My poor hubby tries to be patient, but sometimes he just can't take it anymore. For this reason, I've been banned from reading Bill Bryson in bed. My giggling distracted or woke him up one too many times, and he had enough :)

    But yes, I have that urge all the time. And Stiff is a perfect book for it.

  31. O yes! I've learned to be selective, though- my husband has absolutely no interest in the "wow" moments I get from gardening books!

  32. My books are calling to be RIGHT NOW. Unfortunately, I'm at work and they are at home and when I get home I have so much to do that I won't be able to read anyway.

  33. This happens to me all the time. I'm forever getting so excited about something I just read that I feel the need to share it with the world. Unfortunately, I know very few people who read the same sort of material as me, so I usually end up telling my dog instead. :)

  34. Yep, I have tons of those moments when the urge to share is great! But I have to be selective or I'll drive my family husband doesn't think he has to though - don't know why!!

  35. What a great post that is so hit home! Like you, I always try to find someone with whom I share a meaningful or funny passage as I read along. One of my faithful listener is Rick, who frequently comments on my blog and with whom I meet for coffee in the morning. He himself is a reader so he understands my need of interrupting him and sharing passages.

  36. Eliza - Sometimes it is difficult to find people who will appreciate beautiful prose. It is different when something is funny, but not everyone appreciates a beautiful sentence or phrase the same way I might.

    Melody - I try to block them out sometimes, I admit, but they can get so loud . . .

    Yes! My husband and I have engaged in some wonderful discussions because of something I've read him in a book.

    Nat - You are lucky your books keep quiet. Although sometimes the stares can be rather disturbing . . .

    I admit my husband probably knows more about the books I read than what I post in my reviews. I use him as a sounding board all too often when I'm still figuring out what I want to say. I don't know if he remembers any of it afterward though.

    Rebecca - Uh oh! Yes, you really do have to watch the books that not only keep you up but the person trying to sleep beside you. :-)

    Jeane - LOL Yes, I imagine he wouldn't appreciate those quite as much.

    Lisa - Isn't that awful? Distance doesn't matter. It's as if they have a psychic connection with us.

    Memory - Dogs are great listeners. I know mine is. Much better than the cats.

    Myckyee - True. We don't want to turn them against us so they won't listen anymore.

    Sometimes my husband will chuckle at something in a book, and I can't help but ask him what it's about. He's learned over the years it's better to just share. :-)

    Matt - It is wonderful to have someone you can share with, especially someone who shares your interest in books, isn't it?

  37. My books does call to me all the times too. BUT what my TBR piles books really do is conspiracy against me, when I don't pick up their books fast enough. They will be whispering among each other at night you know...*wink* LOL!

    I wish I had someone to share some funny part or passage part to. I find though that it harder to do that with my family,since they don't understand the love for my reading. So I end up having to share it with my Yahoo Group readers that I joined in :)

    Love this topic, Wendy :)

  38. I do know what you mean. Unfortunately not many people around me feel the same way that I do about books. My husband is patient and listens when I have one of those "listen to this" moments, but I know he thinks I'm crazy. :)

  39. Julia - I wouldn't be surprised if my books whisper at night while I'm sleeping too. :-)

    Yahoo groups can come in handy when you want to share, I've found. They can be much more receptive at times, I agree.

    Lisa - Haha! My husband is usually very receptive because he does the same to me, but I'm sure there are times when he thinks I'm a little crazy too.

  40. Oh yes indeed! In fact, I think that's why I started blogging in the first place. I think it's much more fun to post about books *while* I am reading them than it is to write a review afterwards.

  41. Julie - It's fun to read posts like that too! I've attempted to do that with a couple of books I've read and I find it works better with some and not others--at least for me.


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