Monday, March 31, 2008

Randomness on Monday

I feel like posting something but am not all that inspired to think too much on my own right now. At a moment like this, a meme comes in handy.


1. I always wanted to have a home library filled with books that I have read and want to read, a comfy spot to settle in and read, a desk where I can sit when I want to write a letter or visit my favorite litblogs on my computer, and a window overlooking a beautiful mountain lake.
2. I really hate it when I reach the last chapter of a book and I have to stop reading.
3. My best friend is also a reader.
4. In high school I was an editor for the school's creative writing magazine.
5. My greatest fear is being stuck waiting without anything to read.
6. My dream job is to be a well-known and respected author or maybe a professional book buyer. Although sometimes, I think opening a cozy used bookstore would be nice too. Since it's only a dream, maybe I could do all three and have my dream library.
7. Some people really should take the time to open a book and read. They might actually enjoy it.
8. My favorite author is a gifted storyteller with an eye for detail and the ability to create characters that come to life off the very pages in which they are written.


  1. #5 - Oh yes, same here! I hate when that happens.

    #7 - Hah. I suspect that this isn't a problem for most of your blog readers. :-)

    I enjoyed your answers, Wendy. I'll get to my own later this week.

  2. Professional bookbuyer - there's my dream career!

  3. Loved all your answers, Wendy! It's all about books and reading. ;)

  4. I've always wanted my very own home library too!

  5. My home library is a dream come true. Now if I can just fill it to the brim with books....:)
    I wanted to own a rare book store when I was younger. I used to visit one that seemed so mysterious and romantic. It was chock full of very expensive first editions and sadly, it closed for lack of business. Kind of goes with your number 7.

  6. Florinda - #5 seems to happen to me a lot. :-(

    Nymeth - I have a friend who is a bookbuyer, and I so want her job! She gets to have dinner with authors, go to book events, read all sorts of pre-released books . . . And make money doing it!

    Melody - I figured I should stick to book talk today. :-)

    Jen - Wouldn't it be nice? I wonder if I can get an atrium put in right off the library . . .

    Jaimie - Lucky you! I am sure you won't have any problems filling that library to the brim. :-)

    Used bookstores don't always do well, I know. That's partly why I figured I could work all three jobs and the book buying job will foot most of the bills. That and my flying a helicopter for pay.

  7. These are great and I could so relate to most of this randomness :)

  8. very cool answers, and great blog too :)
    enjoy your weekend.


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