Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Thoughts About Book Giveaways

Just as predicted, the clouds are hanging low in the sky today. It will not deter me from running my errands this morning, however. On our must-do-today list is a visit to the AAA office and where I want to look into cost estimate for the trip we are planning during late summer. I really just want the free travel book they offer, listing all the hotels and restaurants. Maybe I can talk Anjin into swinging by Borders while we are in the neighborhood . . .

With Buy a Friend a Book Week right around the corner, I decided to go through my stacks of books I am looking to pass on. Several jumped out at me as possible books to give away here at Musings of a Bookish Kitty. One of the books has two little cat teeth holes throughout several pages in the center. The marks are tiny but noticeable. I wonder if anyone would want that book, knowing it has my cat's blessing? I am still trying to decide when to hold the drawings. Draw it out over months, have one a week over the next month, or try and fit them as many as possible in next week since it is officially Buy a Friend a Book Week? Decisions, decisions.

Time to get dressed and face the day. I hope you all are having a good weekend so far.


  1. I wouldn't worry about cat bites! Maybe just let people know in the giveaway, and then they can decide?

    I'll have to do some stuff for BAFAB too-thanks for reminding me. :)

  2. As I sit here with my little orange Oscar cat on my lap, I think I would actually prefer a book with a cat bite mark - makes me feel at home.

  3. I think any cat lover would feel honored to have your cat nibbled book!

    A new cat came to live with us today (maybe.) Just thought I would add that.

  4. Oh ... so books aren't supposed to have cat bites??? :-)

  5. I'd welcome a book with cat teeth marks :) Some of mine have some too.

    This will be my first time celebrating BAFABW, and I'm looking forward to it!

  6. A little cat "nip" adds personality!

  7. Oh, I like jenclair's comment! A little cat "nip" indeed. You might just ask - I know I don't care much about the condition of a book - barring the use of a piece of bacon as a bookmark... but some folks do like their books pristine.

    Buy A Friend A Book Week? I'm not sure how I feel about that one.

  8. Eva - I think I settled on how I'm going to give away some of these books. I'll be sure and let people know about the cat bites.

    Andi - What's strange is that he bit the book in a really odd place. Usually he goes for the corners. At least I'm not looking to give away the book my dog tried to eat. I doubt anyone would be interested in a book with a big chunk missing. Haha

    Megan - It would be like a a "From my cat to yours" type thing. ;-)

    A new cat! Oh! I hope it works out. I wish I could get another cat, but my dog and cat are all we can manage right now.

    Bridget - You mean, my books aren't the only ones? I'm relieved to hear that. :-)

    Nymeth - I guess it's good that the books don't bite them back.

    I'm so glad you are celebrating BAFABW too!

    Jenclair - That's so cute! Haha

    Carrie K - Can you imagine? Bacon as a bookmark. Ew! I think I'll make it known that all the books in my giveaway are used so there aren't any surprises. They're all in good condition, I think, but not everyone's definition of good is the same as mine.

  9. I wouldn't mind it at all, Wendy! As Jenclair puts it, it definitely adds personality to the book! ;P

  10. Melody - I had forgotten all about the teeth marks until I was flipping through the book yesterday. Now hopefully someone will actually want to read the book!

  11. As I never had a cat, I might as well have the teeth marks! Wot say?!


  12. Books aren't supposed to have bite marks in them? Madison will be so disappointed! :)

  13. Merlin has a thing about chewing books so I have to be really careful with mine! I am sure no one will mind if it has cat markings on it, like you say it could be the cats blessing.

  14. Gautami - LOL It will almost be like having a cat--at least through those few pages.

    Dynamic Uno - It's good my books aren't the only ones! Haha

    Rhinoa - My cat doesn't usually chew the books. He much prefers to rub his head all over them or scratch his nose on a corner (which is probably not too pleasant to some people either--haha). This time he decided to bite. I wonder how the book tasted . . .

  15. Buy a friend a book week? I have never heard of that before, but love it!! Cat marks should carry no worry - it is the story between the covers that matters the most, lol!

  16. Buy a Friend a Book Week is a great concept, isn't it? I'm noticing that contests are already popping up for free book giveaways.

    And you are right--it's content that matters most. :-)


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