Friday, November 24, 2006

Mizbooks' 2007 TBR Challenge

Since beginning this blog in July, I have mostly used it as a reading journal of sorts, posting reviews about the books I read. There are some amazing book related blogs out there that put my little one to shame.

One of the many things I have discovered in the book and reading blogsphere are the challenges people have set up for themselves and their fellow reading bloggers. Sometimes prizes are offered, which is always a good motivator, but most of all I think the challenges are great at bringing readers together.

The From the Stacks Winter Challenge , which is under way at the moment. Participants are to read 5 books from their TBR stacks (no new purchases allowed!). It is the perfect type of challenge for someone like me who has a rather large personal library of unread books. The R.I.P. 2006 Autumn Challenge sounded like a lot of fun where readers were asked to read 5 books that had a sort of spooky, gothic or eerie type motif.

When I came across the 2007 TBR Challenge, I just about jumped for joy. This will be a great way to start off the year. As I told Mizbooks in one of the online groups we belong to, my only worry is that I will get so excited about the challenge that the 12 books I select will get moved to the top of my TBR pile and I will have them read long before the end of the year.

The TBR Challenge basically involves pulling 12 books from my To Be Read shelves that have been there 6 months or more and reading them, one each month during the next year. The advantages to a challenge like this are that I will not only be reading books that I want to read but have not gotten to yet, the time frame and number of books is very reasonable, and it will make my husband happy to see spaces on my shelves open up (and maybe a box or two disappear). Personally, I plan to read many more than just 12 books from my TBR room next year, but I hope to use this challenge to read some of the books that somehow keep getting passed over for other books on my TBR shelves.

These challenges are not too much different than the personal reading goals I set for myself each year. The main difference is that I will be joining with others in a common goal. There's an added accountability in that, as well.

Going over my TBR list, I've decided on the following titles (the dates is parentheses are how long the book has been in my TBR room):

  1. Case Histories by Kate Atkinson (04/2005) [read]
  2. Emma by Jane Austen (07/2005) [read]
  3. April Witch by Majgull Axelsson (10/2004) [read]
  4. Moloka'i by Alan Brennert (01/2006) [read]
  5. Wickett's Remedy by Myla Goldberg (12/2005) [read]
  6. The Ghost Writer by John Harwood (06/2005) [read]
  7. In A Lonely Place by Dorothy B. Hughes(04/2006) [read]
  8. Broken for You by Stephanie Kallos (10/2005) [read]
  9. Song of the Cuckoo Bird by Amulya Malladi (01/2006) [read]
  10. Atonement by Ian McEwan (01/2005) [read]
  11. Sula by Toni Morrison (12/2004) [read]
  12. The Mysteries by Lisa Tuttle (06/2005) [read]


  • Pope Joan by Donna W Cross
  • The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley [read]
  • The Golems of Gotham by Thane Rosenbaum
  • Tending Roses by Lisa Wingate

    1. It's so tempting to join in on this challenge! I have loads of books that fit the criteria. Having said that I haven't even read one book yet for the From the Stacks challenge, and pretty much will be failing the November challenge as well! LOL!!

    2. It can be hard with all the books we want to read! That cliche, so many books, so little time, is very true. Good luck, with the challenges, Marg.

    3. I'm excited about that challenge, too. What is going to happen to me is that I'll read everyone's list and there will be so many I haven't read that my list will grow even longer. I'm still going to join the challenge, though!

      I've only read Tending Roses from your list. Enjoyed it a lot.

    4. Some great choices there. Good luck.

    5. Booklogged ~ That's in part why I decided to go ahead and make my list now! I'm sure I'll be adding to my TBR room as we go.

      Good to know you enjoyed Tending Roses. I've been hearing about the book for quite a while now but still haven't managed to read it. Its time has come!

      Nessie ~ Thanks so much. Good luck to you also.

    6. You're going to love Moloka'i and Pope Joan. I read both last year and enjoyed them immensely. I really want to re-read Moloka'i because it left such an impression on me!

    7. Amy - I'm really looking forward to reading Ghost Writer. I've heard great things about it. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!

      Anon - I have heard that Moloka'i is quite a story. I am always glad to hear positive comments about books I'm considering reading. Pope Joan is one I keep meaning to get to--the story sounds so interesting! And yet, I always seem to skip over it. This is my chance to finally get to it.


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