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Review: Love at Absolute Zero by Christopher Meeks

Love at Absolute Zero by Christopher Meeks
White Whiskers Books, 2011
Fiction; 406 pgs

You wake up one morning and everything seems typical. It's just an ordinary day. You expect the worst only to be rewarded with a promotion--or in Gunnar's case, tenure. Suddenly, life is looking pretty good. Gunnar Gunderson has always been all about his work. He is a physicist, both a researcher and a professor. He is on the verge of a major break through in his research and suddenly and everything seems to be going his way. He is reminded, however, of the fact that he has no one to share his successes with, other than his research partners. Time is tight, however, and so Gunnar decides to try and find a wife during his spare time. He gives himself three days. He approaches the experience as he would a science project, sure science won't fail him. What comes next is a comedy of errors as Gunnar, so clearly out of his league, attempts to date and find the woman of his dreams.

Love At Absolute Zero is more than just a love story--or a comedy. It is the story of a man coming into his own. My initial response to Gunnar was one of sympathy. It was hard not to feel sorry for the guy as he bumbled his way through the dating process. While an expert in science, his social skills and knowledge of women left a lot to be desired. He sure tried though, it was impossible not to like Gunnar as the story wore on. I found myself cheering for him, wanting him to get the girl in the end.

While the novel's beginning was on the comical side, it grew rather serious towards the middle. It was a natural transition as the reader sees Gunnar grow and learn from his experiences. The author did a remarkable job capturing what it would be like for someone in Gunnar's shoes, being solidly ensconced in science to diving into love and all the joy and pain it can bring. I also appreciated the author's ability to describe the culture shock Gunnar went through, traveling from Wisconsin to Denmark under especially difficult circumstances.

Love At Absolute Zero was not only an enjoyable read but fit my mood well. It was humorous even while being serious. I was riveted to the story and couldn't wait to find out what would happen next to the protagonist, Gunnar Gunderson.

You can learn more about Christopher Meeks and his books at the author's website.

Source: I bought an e-book copy of this book for my own enjoyment.

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  1. I loved, loved, loved this book, and was so enamored of Gunnar and all that he went through. I think Meeks has a tremendous way of bringing out the humanity in his characters, and showing their softer sides. He has a gift for making male characters something other than testosterone laden caricatures, and I loved Gunnar not only for his analytical mind, but for his open heart too. Fantastic review! I am glad you loved this one!

  2. Sounds interesting. I will have to check it out!

  3. I like when humor can be worked into seriousness here and there.

  4. I love a book that has a message but doesn't take itself too seriously. I also like the fact that this is set on a college campus.

  5. I think I work with a lot of men like Gunnar! I would enjoy this one and find it relatable.

  6. I hadn't heard of this book before but it sounds like an interesting read. I'll have to watch for it when I go to the library next :)

  7. I read your last two posts and my TBR pile just got bigger! That trilogy sounds like it's something I'd really enjoy. I used to read YA novels so I could share with my students, but, now, I realize that I like them for myself! And Gunnar sounds like a guy I've got to meet! Thanks for your well-written reviews!

  8. This one sounds good too, very interesting story line.

  9. I'm a little late to you review but happy to be reading it :o) I'm intrigued that this story starts out comical and becomes more serious as Gunnar matures because it sounds so realistic. I also think the idea of a man of science and, therefore, quite practical searching for love is terrific and if done well, which is sure sounds like this is, would be a great read. I'm thrilled you enjoyed this book so much. I read a review of this book by another blogger I trust and she really enjoyed this book and highly recommended it. I cannot wait to read it and am placing it high on my wish list!

  10. I really liked this one, too. You have to give Gunnar credit for trying, even when you want to smack him upside the head! It was definitely a good read.


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