Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Randomness: Junkfood for the Mind

This weekend I found myself sitting in front of the television, not focused enough to read nor seeking anything substantial. I began flipping through channels. I stopped when I came across a movie I had not only seen before (twice) but also don't think is all that great. The acting is terrible, in my opinion (the setting is breathtaking though). But there I sat, nursing Mouse, watching Twilight.

I also recently sat through Trojan War, a movie about a young man who goes out to find a condom (really) for a tryst with the girl of his dreams only to land in a heap of trouble over and over again. It's a comedy in case you are wondering. Anyway. It wasn't all that good either, but there I sat. Watching.

I watched the movie Planet 51. The second half first and then caught the first half later. It was cute. Nothing spectacular.

Junk food for the mind, my husband calls it. Have you ever fallen victim to sitting through a not so good movie just because?

I love movies and have always stayed abreast on what was coming out when. I just haven't cared all that much the last several months, knowing I'd likely have to catch the movies on DVD at some later date.

I will be seeing the final Harry Potter movie in the theater though.

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  1. Priorities change when there is precious baby added to the picture. :) Movies, and a whole lot more "stuff," just can't compare. It doesn't mean you still don't enjoy them, but your mind is occupied with much more important things.

  2. Hi Wendy :))

    I have been semi-gone from blogging these past year and am back. When I came to visit your blog I was greeted by the most beautiful little baby, congratulations Wendy.
    I am still reading and posting again.
    Enjoy a great week-end :)
    Sylvie (Madeleine)

  3. Mitch has a habit of falling asleep with the tv turned to some ridiculously cheesy horror movie. And although I hate horror movies, I can't stop watching them! I always get to the end and think "Why?!?!"

  4. Oh, I love that photo of Mouse! She is so adorable!

    I often will sit and watch a bad movie all the way through and just veg out. It's sort of a way for me to de-stress when I am feeling overwhelmed.

    I actually just watched the first two Twilight movies a few weeks ago. Now, I wouldn't touch the books with a ten foot pole, but for some reason, I sat through the movies!

    I think we all need some times like this, so don't feel bad that you revel in some brain candy!

  5. I tend to zone out in front of plenty of movies but I haven't seen Twilight yet. I have Netflix, instant movies...there are a lot of bad movies out there! Fortunately, there are plenty og good little indies, too.

    If you are stting with adorable Mouse like in the picture, I can understand watching anything that comes on the screen!

  6. My husband is notorious for sitting and staring blankly at whatever happens to be on TV. I am way too something (hyper? obsessive? twitchy?) to do that often though. BTW, that is one cute baby you have there...

  7. Movies aside, your little Mouse is precious, precious. Between you and Trish, I'm in baby heaven - just want to squeeze them both!! Well, Stacy's little Gage too.

    I don't watch too many movies, but I do have my favorites for when the hubby is off doing something else for the evening. Often, I'll pull out an old favorite, usually a romance or a comic book hero and watch away. He came home the other night to find me finishing up Transformers again. LOL

  8. Oh my gosh, that is one of the most precious pictures I have ever seen!!

  9. Love the photo, Mouse is adorable!

    Regarding movies...I have days like that too. Problem is, sometimes I actually like those stupid movies. haha!

  10. When I was nursing I spent a lot of time watching Roseanne. What depressed me, were the repeats at 2am. The Girl woke every 45 min so seeing repeats just reminded me of my plight.

  11. When my boys were little I would watch Disney movies on video..I swear I knew them all by heart!!!

    Loving that photo!!

  12. Yes, I've sat through movies and TV that I didn't enjoy, before. Last week, I spent an afternoon watching junk TV because I had so much laundry to fold and puttering around to do in the room with the TV. I enjoyed the complete lack of substance until Cops came on. And, then there was a family situation that was so heartbreaking I cried. The TV went off.

    I love seeing photos of your little beauty. She is so gorgeous. Look at those lashes!!!

  13. I have sat through a lot of movies I didn't really like because my kids wanted to watch them. :)

    And thanks so much for sharing the picture of Mouse - I want to squeeze those cheeks!

  14. All together now: "Awww!" That picture is adorable :)

  15. Your little girl is so precious. Motherhood has changed your priorities as it changed all of ours but our children are so worth it!

  16. Joy - If only my taste in movies wasn't backsliding too!

    Sylvie - It is good to see you back, Sylvie! And thank you! My blogging is still rather sporadic--and my commenting on other blogs. I don't get to the computer often and so do most of my internet stuff on my phone right now. It can be very limiting. :-(

    Jill - Haha! What is it about certain shows and movies that keep us transfixed no matter how bad they might be?

    Heather (Zibilee) - Thank you, Heather. It's one of my favorite photos. :-)

    It definitely is a way to relax, especially if you add in how tired I've been.

    Amy - I subscribe to Netflix too. It only feeds the addiction. LOL I kind of miss the days when I didn't turn on the television at all. I need to go back to that.

    And you are right--Mouse and I sit like that often and I hate to move her when she's sleeping so I end up sitting in front of the television longer than I might have otherwise.

    Sandy - I used to be that way too, but since having the baby I haven't had as much energy or motivation. :-S

  17. Kay - Thank you, Kay! It does seem like several of us had babies right around the same time. Several of my coworkers' children also recently had babies and so we are always talking about them at work too. :-)

    I have my favorites too that I like to watch over and over again. :-)

    Kathy - Thanks, Kathy! It's one of my favorites.

    Kris - Thank you, Kris! I think she's pretty adorable too. Not that I'm biased or anything. LOL

    I know what you mean--sometimes I like them too. :-)

    Ti - I know what you mean! There are episodes of shows I've seen multiple times in the last three months . . .

    Staci - The things we do for our kids . . . :-)

  18. Nancy - I don't blame you for turning off the television set. I've noticed that since having Mouse, I see children in peril stories everywhere on television. It doesn't help that my work is all about the same thing.

    Carrie - I see a lot of that in my future. LOL

    Teacher/Learner & Heather J - Thanks! I couldn't resist sharing. :-)

    Kathleen - Mouse is definitely worth it, I agree!

  19. i dont know if i said congrats yet but what a beautiful baby

  20. I love that picture, Wendy! She's beautiful!

  21. Judging by that incredibly beautiful picture of the Mouse, I wouldn't be too interested in movies either!

  22. Jeane - Thank you, Jeane!

    Melody - Thanks, Melody! She's my little darling. :-)

    Darlene - She is pretty irresistable. :-) I'm sure all parents think that of their babies though. Haha

  23. I have sat through movies before wondering why am I watching this nonsense but yet there I sit. Haha...

    Your little one is just so beautiful! Awww. Hope you are doing great Wendy!

  24. She is perfect! And what a treasure of a picture!

  25. I cannot wait for the new Harry Potter movie!!! CANNOT WAIT!! And what a beautiful picture... :)

  26. She's such a beauty!!! I imagine she and Elle would make quite nice friends if we lived closer. ;)

    Junkfood for the mind? My husband can't believe that I *never* turn on the TV during the day. I probably should for the background noise but I don't. My junkfood for the mind is twitter and now pinterest. Part of me is pretty ready to head back into the world of adults...

  27. That picture just melts my heart :) So sweet. In the 8 months since Gage's arrival we have been to the theater 3 times, which I think is pretty good!

  28. Iliana - LOL I'm glad I am not the only one.

    I am doing well, Iliana. Mouse is all smiles these days, which makes me a very happy mama!

    Linda - Thank you!

    Samantha - I'm going to be said to see the series come to an end. I guess it's good we can revisit it through books and DVDs.

    Trish - I think they'd be great friends too. :-) Maybe pen pals to start? If they like writing letters--or e-mail. LOL

    I think it's great you don't turn on the television at all. I've been using twitter a lot more the past few months as well.

    Being with the baby is wonderful, but I missed adult interaction after awhile too. It made going back to work a tiny bit easier. But only a tiny bit. I still wish I could have taken off more time to be with her though.

    Stacy - That is good! I'm not sure I'll make it to that goal myself by the 8th month mark, I'm afraid.

  29. Beautiful, beautiful baby!

    I am facing problem trying to sit still to watch a movie. Been attempting to do so but again, epic fail. Will try harder next time!

  30. Oh Wendy -- I have been absent from the blogosphere for several weeks but I wanted to stop by to see if there was, perchance, an updated picture of baby mouse She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Sadly I stopped watching movies about the time I got married. I think it was because I didn't want to spend the money in the theater, and then as time wore on, I began to think of them as a "waste of time" How wrong I was.

    I am trying to reconnect with this more playful side of me. I hope to watch all of the Harry Potter movies (I have only seen the first one) prior to the release of the final movie in mid-July. Perhaps I will even decide to pay the money to watch it on the big screen :)


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