Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Salon: Where I Write About the Sunrise, a New Year, and What I am Reading Now

For the longest time, I was a sunset person. I loved watching the sun set, disappearing over the horizon. If I woke up before the sunrise, it was too early. Of course, responsibilities being what they are (work) and having a cat who believes sleeping in past 5:00 a.m. is a crime, I rarely miss a sunrise. On a day without the morning fog or overcast skies, the sunrise can be quite beautiful. Colors splashed across the sky, sometimes intermixed with clouds, only adding to the array of colors. Shades of orange, yellow, blue, purple, red . . . A mirror image of a sunset, really. But a sunrise signifies the start of a new day rather than the end.

With a sunset, you can watch the sky long after the sun has disappeared. With a sunrise, there comes a point when you have to look away, the sun's light too bright to stand. Most mornings, I'm driving right into the sun, and so it's impossible to miss as it rises. On the mornings I am still cozy at home, I watch it rise from my study window.

If you would have asked me 25 years ago, I would have scoffed at the idea of ever finding such joy in a sunrise. Who gets up that early?! And yet now, I look forward to those few moments each day. It is a quiet opportunity to reflect on the day to come, revel in nature's beauty, and just be.

Tomorrow is the start of the third annual Book Blogger Appreciation Week. I have taken part every year to varying degrees. It's a whirlwind week of book blogging fun and always overwhelming but never dull.

I turned a year older this past week and the year ahead brings to mind a sunrise. A beginning. An overwhelming brightness as the sun takes flight. In this new year of my life, I will be moving into a new house, having a baby and delving more fully into the world of e-books. Three very ordinary things. And yet for me, they will be life changing.

For the past three months I have been spending time every week reading two pregnancy books (What to Except When You're Expecting and the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy), learning as I go what is happening to my body. I now think of unborn babies in terms of fruit.

Becoming pregnant was my husband's birthday present (okay, so he also got a new laptop). Mine was a nook. I rarely like to talk about what I receive as gifts for any holiday (unless it's books), and so I can't go without mentioning my new e-reader. I'm pretty sure I let out a little squeal when I pulled my nook out of the gift bag. I have already purchased my first e-book, The Passage by Justin Cronin. I am not yet sure when I will actually get to it, however. I am in the middle of the Hunger Games trilogy (reading Catching Fire currently) and have a couple of TLC Tour books to read (if I ever receive one of them in time, that is). Once those are out of the way, I definitely plan to dive in and experience my nook to its fullest--and, of course, lose myself in The Passage. What a perfect addition to the Readers Imbibing Peril (R.I.P.) Challenge!

Tomorrow is the first day of the third annual Book Blogger Appreciation Week. It is a whirlwind week filled with book blogging fun and a chance to show our appreciation for blogging and our fellow book bloggers. I am stepping back this year and will be more of an observer than an actual participant. I know, I know. Such a party pooper. I do look forward to following the activities of those of you who are participating! Have fun!

A quick glance outside and I see the sun is full in the sky. It's promising to be a beautiful day. And now, since I desperately need milk, an early run to the grocery store is in order!

What are your plans for today? Are you reading anything you would recommend?

This Week In Reading Mews:

Reading Now:
Catching Fire
by Suzanne Collins
It Could be Worse, You Could Be Me by Ariel Leve

Recent Additions to the TBR Room (all paid for by me):
The Passage by Justin Cronin (my very first e-book purchase for my nook!)
Stranger Here Below by Joyce Hinnefeld (recent selection from Unbridled's subscription program)
Tears of the Mountain by John Addiego
(recent selection from Unbridled's subscription program)

Reviews Posted:
What We Have by Amy Boesky
"The Pit and the Pendulum" by Edgar Allan Poe (Short Story Wednesday)
Dead Politician Society by Robin Spano

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  1. I'm a sunset person for now, maybe someday I'll start getting up earlier! I really hope you enjoy The Passage.

  2. Congratulations on the baby, the new house, AND the nook. You packed a lot of exciting news into one post!

    Have you named it yet(the nook, not the baby!)?

  3. Beautiful photo! I have a sunset photo as my desktop background, because I love the purples & reds that come with it. But only a sunrise can bring the oranges & yellows out.

    Congratulations on all your new beginnings :o)

  4. I am usually not up early enough to see the sunrise. If my cats were waking me up at 5am, we would have a problem!

  5. New house, new baby - I did that too! - It is indeed a lot of change. All good!!!!! I am currently reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

  6. Congratulations on all of your news, Wendy! It IS going to be a big year for you.

    I drive into the sunrise on my way to work this time of year, too - it's my least favorite commuting season. I do like sunrises - symbolically, more than sunsets - but not directly in my eyes!

    It's a good thing your cat has accustomed you to being an early riser - little kids don't let you sleep in, either :-).

  7. Congrats Wendy and Anjin! That's a lot of exciting news in one post.

    I'm not sure about The Passage. I'm pretty meh on vampires, but I like apocalyptic. I read Darkly Dreaming Dexter last week for RIP and loved it. So dark and funny.

    Today I am reading Barney's Version, the odd chapter of Mini-Shopaholic, and looking longingly at Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.

  8. What a lovely post Wendy. Thank you. :)

  9. I like to sleep late, but my three kitties don't believe in that. So, I'm up earlier than I'd like to be.

    Congrats on all your news!

    Isn't the Nook great? I absolutely love mine and, much to my husband's dismay, it's with me all the time. LOL

  10. Well, I've seen more sunrises than the average person due to my working so many night shifts. I love watching sunrises and sunsets but give me a choice and my idea of perfect is the beach at sunset.

    Congrats on the house and the baby. You may, however, find reading time a luxury once the little one arrives.


  11. I love sunrises best. Sunsets are great, but I think I like the blues and purples and pinks better than the reds and oranges. :-)

    You have lots of changes coming up and I am so happy for you! Big megahugs to you. Hope you love your e-reader. I suspect you will. They are very nice for those longer books and the not so long ones as well.

  12. I loved reading this post, and can feel your excitement of new beginnings as you look ahead to a wonderful year.

    I'm a sunrise person!

  13. Hold on a minute! Was this announced earlier and I missed it??? You are having a baby? Wendy, OMG that is great news! Mega congrats from the Nawrot household to you and Anjin. You are blessed.

  14. Happy Birthday and congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family! This should be a great year for you!

  15. How nice that you get to see the sunrise so often. I've never seen it rise or set!

    Congrats on the new addition to your family, he or she will be here before you know it!!! Thats wonderful :)

  16. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is such exciting news. I hope that you are feeling fine and full of energy.

    Twenty five years ago I definitely NOT a sunrise person - now I think it is sleeping in when I wake up at 8:00AM :)

    Hope you have a fantastic week, Wendy!

  17. Congrats Wendy on the new house, new baby, new nook. I must have missed the baby post if you announced it earlier --how exciting.

    I am definitely a sunrise person. I always get up at 5:30 am during the week (before the sunrise) and even around 6:30 am on weekends.

    You have a terrific week.

  18. Wow, I almost missed that. I was all "Who's having a what now?"

    Congrats!! Babies! Yay!

    I'm in between books right now. I don't know what to pick up next.

  19. Wow, that is a lot of new beginnings! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  20. Oh Wendy, congratulations on the baby! What To Expect When You Are Expecting was my bible too. Oh what fun! I'd say the same for the e-book, but I'm not sure I want one, so I'm happy for you that you wanted it and got it :-) I really want to read The Passage also, I wish it would come out in softcover because hard covers are to heavy for me to carry now.

    Enjoy your sunrises :-) you might be lucky and have an early morning rising baby. I didn't, I had three babies that slept in late, which is good for me - I have been and always will be a sunset person. They still don't go to bed early, either!! no matter how we try....

    Lovely post, too!

  21. So excited for your many new beginnings ahead, but especially the baby! :)

  22. Even though I don't know you IRL, I am filled with overwhelming joy at your news of a baby!!! I am so happy for you and your husband. What a blessing and gift!!!

  23. A baby?!!! What fabulous news, Wendy. Heartfelt congratulations to you and Anjin. And I agree with Florinda, your cat has trained you well for getting up with the little one. I look forward to hearing more about your impending new arrival. Have a great week!

  24. You are going to be a mommy? What fabulous news!! I am so happy for you and your husband! I am also thrilled that you are loving your Nook. I almost bought one, but opted for the Kindle instead. Still not sure I made the right choice! Take good care of yourself and that little one!

  25. Congratulations, Wendy! I'm so happy for you and your husband! You know, I too read "What to Except When You're Expecting" when I was first expecting my child! And I remember devouring as many parenting magazines as I could because I've so many things to learn! I hope you'll keep us updated about your moving and your baby, Wendy! I also look forward to hearing your views on your reading with a nook. :)

  26. Again, congratulations Wendy! I'm sure it's the best present Anjin could have gotten (although the best is yet to come, huh?).

    Audiobooks do the trick in a pinch--I still don't they're a total replacement for books but I've been enjoying them this year as well.

  27. In theory, I love the sunrise. I love the idea of starting your day before everyone else and actually getting time to yourself. Yet, in action, I suck at making it happen. I love my bed and I love my sleep, and I never get to bed in a timely fashion that makes it easy for me to get up to enjoy the sunrise. Maybe some day I'll get better at this. You have definitely given me more incentive.

    Enjoy your nook! I love mine and have read quite a few books on it since I purchased it!

  28. Wendy - I'm so happy for you! What an amazing year you have ahead of you. :)

  29. Congratulations fellow pregnant lady!! Enjoy every moment. I'm in my 8th month and swelling every day :) Looking forward to seeing how the pregnancy goes for you.

  30. Congrats on the house, the nook, and most importantly the Baby! I'm so insanely jealous of your pregnant status! I wish you the best and of course..can't help but want to know all details (but not the too intimate kinds!..just how you are feeling, if you will find out the sex, when are you due, etc) Not sure if you'll be posting any of that on your blog, but I for one wouldn't mind the updates if you were thinking about doing it.

  31. Happy belated birthday, and congrats on the forthcoming baby!

    I love sunrises, but I rarely see them. When I was working, I often arrived at work while it was still dark, and we didn't have any windows. Now that I'm traveling, I usually get up a fair bit after the sun. I should make a point of having an early morning one of these days, just so I can watch the sun rise over the water!

  32. What a lovely post. So happy for you about the new year to come in your life.:) What am I reading? Just started The Nobodies Album by Carolyn Parkhurst. It has one of the best starts I've read in a long time.

  33. I loved how you slipped that in there... oh yeah been reading two pregnancy books..yada yada. LOL. Congrats!!

    I also need to wish you a Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the Nook. I love my Kindle and the portability of it.

  34. Wow, you certainly have a lot going on these days. Happy belated birthday and congrats on the baby and the new house. What great news!

  35. Okay, there is nothing ordinary about moving and certainly not about having a baby! Moving is a significant change and often a great one and having a bay is a wonderful, life-affirming and changing moment! Congratulations! I am thrilled for you and your hubby! Such fantastic news! Oh boy are your cats going to be jealous! I would imagine the pregnancy books are exciting and a little scary, too?!

    Have you moved yet? Doing everything at once, uh?!

    Was the nook a complete surprise or was it the e-reader you wanted? I vascillate between thinking the e-readers are great and almost buying one and thinking there's nothing better than the physical paper book (this mostly when the purse strings are closed tight!) I look forward to your opinion of The Passage. I have a copy here on my book stack and will get to it someday but I must first finish Infinite Jest!

    I was wondering where you were during BBAW but I noticed several bloggers I enjoy opted out this year. I can definitely understand that if you have participated for several years.

    I've missed your blog & you. So I apologize for the length of this comment and should have put it in an email...oh well!

    Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful! I have a feeling when the baby comes you'll be seeing many more of them! Thank goodness they are pretty and soothing to look at!

    ~ Amy

  36. Congratulations, Wendy! I'm so so so excited for you!

  37. I know I'm a bit late (always catching up on the Google reader), but I wanted to offer my congratulations on your exciting news! I kind of suspected you migth be expecting, based on your last few posts, but now it's confirmed. Very happy for you and I wish you and your husband the best as you embark on this new chapter in your lives!!!

  38. Congratulations on your news, Wendy! What a wonderful year you'll have ahead of you. All my best to you as you enter this new phase of your life.

  39. Wow, wow and wow! What fantastic news! I'm excited for you all the way around. :) You are in my thoughts and prayers for a wonderful pregnancy. I hope you are feeling well. I'm looking forward to updates.

  40. Happy belated birthday!
    Congratulations (on the baby and the house)!

    I've also been converted to a sunrise person. Trust me, it wasn't my idea but I do love the quiet of early morning before everyone and everything gets going. And sunrises are truly beautiful (love that photo!).

  41. I do not like to get up before the sun rises--one of the reasons I hate winter. And even when I do, the sun is coming up while I'm inside getting ready for work. But when we've done the Relay for Life, I have really enjoyed watching the sun slowing start to lighten the sky--partly because it soon means I'll get to sleep!

  42. Congratulations, Wendy! For the new house, for the baby, for your Nook! See what I miss for not visiting you for over two weeks or so!!! I'm so very happy for you. And yes, I love sunrise and sunsets. Have a wonderful, wonderful pregnancy, Wendy. And happy reading on your Nook! You have the sweetest husband!

  43. Oh yay! A baby! Now your reading life will take on a whole new dimension!

  44. Ash - I'm hoping I can get to The Passage soon. It seems like every other book keeps getting in the way right now. One of these days!

    Jill - Thank you! I haven't officially come up with a name for the nook yet, no. I labeled it Bookish Kitty on the device itself. Maybe I should call it Clem . . .

    Teacher/Learner - Sunsets and sunrises are so beautiful. It's hard to take my eyes away when I'm around one. And thanks!

    Stephanie - Haha! I have to be up that early anyway on weekdays so it works out. It's just on the weekends that it becomes a problem.

    Elisabeth - Yes, all good changes. :-) I really want to read The Help. I hope you continued to enjoy it through to the end!

    Florinda - Thank you, Florinda! We're so excited--and nervous. It is turning out to be quite the year, that's for sure. It started on such a down note with Anya's health--we have to try and make up for it here and start the new year off with a good bang. :-)

    It's no fun when the sun is glaring off your windshield in the mornings, I know. I adjust my leave time when it starts to be a problem so I don't have to deal with it.

    Raidergirl - Thanks, Elizabeth! I wasn't sure about The Passage at first, but I couldn't resist after hearing the author talk. Hopefully I will enjoy it.

    Nicole - I should be thanking you for all your support! :-)

    Yvonne - Cats can be quite demanding, can't they? We love them dearly though. :-)

    Thank you! I am really enjoying my nook so far.

  45. CJ - I imagine you have seen your share of sunrises working that night shift. :-)

    Thank you! I have no doubt my reading time will be cut into severely once the baby is born-and even more so once I go back to work. Home time will mostly be for baby. I'm not sure how my blog will fare, but time will tell. Maybe if so many others out there can juggle it all, so can I. I'm going to take it as it comes though.

    Kay - Thank you, Kay! Change is definitely in the air. The nook does make reading those bigger books easier--and I can use one hand!

    PrairieJournals - Yay for another sunrise person! It is a good time for new beginnings, that's for sure.

    Sandy - Thank you, Sandy! I put in a subtle hint about it in an earlier review, but this post counts as my official announcement. So, you didn't miss anything. :-)

    Jenclair - Thank you, Jenclair! It's shaping up to be a good one. And about time. LOL

    Naida - I hope someday you will be able to see a sunrise or sunset. They're something else.

    And thank you for the congrats. The first three months of the pregnancy seemed to drag by so slow but now time is flying by!

    Molly - Thank you! I'm feeling much better now than I was early on. I actually have had it pretty easy compared to some, so I can't complain. The tough part is coming up still, so we'll see. Haha!

    Isn't sleeping in until 8 a.m. divine? It's such a rare treat!

    Diane - Thank you, Diane! We're thrilled. Hopefully the whole housing thing will fall into place and we can get moved before the baby comes.

    Lisa (Books, Lists, Life) - Thank you! You can expect lots of questions, especially since you just had a little one. :-) I feel so out of my league. LOL

  46. Chris - Haha! I kind of snuck it in there, didn't I?

    Kathy - Thank you, Kathy!

    Susan - Thanks, Susan. I'm having such fun following along with the pregnancy books as I go. The human body is truly amazing. I still have trouble believing I'm carrying a little human being.

    With the pending move, my interest in an e-reader sky-rocketed, let me tell you! Having to pack over 3000 books is not an easy job. LOL

    Poor baby will have to get up early once I go back to work. My husband is a night owl though and likes to sleep in so maybe this means I'll have a lot of quiet time when the child is older--the two can sleep in to their heart's content. Well, almost. LOL

    Nikki - Thanks, Nikki!

    Staci - Oh, thank you, Staci! That's so nice of you to say.

    Laura - Thanks! Yes, the cats definitely have me trained well for those early morning risings. And sometimes those late night feedings. LOL

    Zibilee - Thank you! My friend got her Kindle around the same time I got my nook and she loves hers. It really was a hard decision, which one I would better suit me.

    Amy - Thanks!

    Melody - Thank you! I haven't broken down and gotten any parenting magazines yet, but I'm sure that's coming. :-) I do feel like I have a lot to learn.

  47. Trish - Thank you, Trish! Anjin is over the moon about having a baby. Although it was planned, for many years we went back and forth on the issue, never really sure we wanted a child. It's quite a turn around for us and one we've embraced full-heartedly.

    Now that I have my nook, hopefully I can make audio books work for me now and then!

    Michelle - Having that time to myself--the quiet of it--is so nice. I think though if I didn't have to get up that early for work, I probably wouldn't manage it either.

    Carrie - Thank you, Carrie. It's such a nice turn of events, that's for sure. The year got off to such a rocky start.

    Stacy - I imagine I will be there soon enough--I kind of wish I could hang onto this 2nd trimester just a little longer--at least the feeling of it. You're just about due, aren't you, Stacy? I hope everything goes well for you and congratulations!

    Kris - Thanks! There was a while there I thought it would never happen and then everything started happening so fast. Reading what I just wrote I realize that applies to both the house and the baby--but I was referring mostly to the baby. :-)

    Memory - Thank you! A sunrise over the water sounds wonderful! I wish there was something like that here. I have to settle for watching it rise over the neighbor's house most days.

    Karen H. - Thanks, Karen! I hope you enjoyed Parkhurst's novel.

    Ti - Thank you, Ti! I wasn't sure what I'd think of having an e-reader, but it really is convenient.

    Anna - Thank you, Anna. It does seem like an awful lot is happening all at once. It's keeping us on our toes at least.

  48. Amy (7 Tails) - Thank you, Amy. They're definitely big changes. I think Parker will adjust well overall. Anya and my dog Riley, on the other hand . . . They're both pretty much my animals and so sharing me with someone else will be tough at first. We'll adjust though. I plan to put Riley to work and make him mine and the baby's buddy. And we've been working at shifting some of the attention Anya gets over to my husband. I figure she'll be under the bed for a few days initially. Poor kitty.

    Not sure how the move will affect everyone--I'm sure that will be another adjustment. Riley will probably be fine with that as long as he's with me.

    We haven't moved yet. Hopefully before the end of the year or just after. The packing has begun though--or at least the weeding out. The less we take, the better. It's amazing how much we've collected over the last 10 years in this house.

    It's good to hear from you again! E-mail me or write long comments. I love to hear from you either way. :-)

    Trish (Hey, Lady!) - Thank you, Trish. :-)

    Lexi - Thanks, Lexi! I've been dropping hints here and there--and I'm glad you noticed. :-)

    Ingrid - Thank you, Ingrid! We are very happy. I'm surprised at how many people assume we'll be giving up the animals, especially the cats, now that we're having a baby. Poor cats have a bad reputation. :-( I do worry a tad about the transition--hoping no one feels terribly left out, but I'm very much looking forward to introducing a new animal lover to the world.

    Joy - Thanks so much, Joy! We had the big ultrasound Friday and got to see the baby from all different angles. It actually looks human now. LOL

    Terri - Thank you, Terri! I'm right there with you! I consider myself a reluctant morning person for that very reason. If I could make my own schedule, I would not be getting up so early. LOL

    Lisa (Lit&Life) - It used to feel so wrong to me to get up when it was still dark. I've grown so used to my work schedule now though that it no longer bothers me. I do hate it when it gets darker earlier though. It seems to shorten the day considerably.

    Alice - Thank you, Alice. :-) It all seems to be happening at once, that's for sure.

    Sarah - Now all those children's books I've collected over the years will actually be put to good use. :-) I'm excited about the opportunity of introducing my little one to books.


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