Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekly Geeks: Who Do You Connect With?

Erotic Horizon from E.H. on Books and More was looking back over her old posts and came across one she thought would make a good topic for this week's Weekly Geeks theme. It's been ages since I last participated in Weekly Geeks, and while I keep telling myself I'll jump back in, I've yet to do so. Until now.

Erotic Horizon has this to say:
I visited a new blogger that I am following and the phrase below jumped right up and hit me – literally. I am not sure where the blogger is going with his blog yet, as this is literally his second post.

This is the phrase
“We didn't get any reading done tonight. I told Jack we must read some tomorrow! It connects us somehow. I can't explain it, but it does. It's good to do things together” - Shayne © This and That

I can’t explain why that phrase made such an impact, could it be that reading has become a solitary venture to lose myself in. Do I use it as my own private time – to the exclusion of all else.

Does my own action not invite people in to share my world. When did I forget the joys of sharing the written word with someone other than the people at the end of the keyboard. Can I remember the last time I actually connect with a ‘real person”.
Honestly so much is rattling around in my brain – reading is such a big part and has always been a big part of my life, but other than the kids and eventually they find their own groove when it comes to reading. I don’t read with anyone and I refuse to minimise what I love to suit anyone else. I however miss exactly what that phrase is saying - “It connects us somehow”

Firstly, have you come across a phrase recently that has made just such an impact. And secondly – who do you read with, if you don’t read with anyone –WHY NOT?

Growing up in a house full of readers, it was impossible not to always find someone with a book in hand. Sometimes we would read together, either to each other, side by side on our own, or off in our own separate parts of the house. My husband and I are the same way. We may not always be reading the same books, but we do talk about what we are reading, sharing a particularly funny quote or using each other as sounding boards to solidify our own thoughts about a book. Well, maybe that last part is more a me thing. My reading is such a big part of my life--and sometimes the most exciting part--that it comes naturally for me to want to talk about where I have been and who I have met in books.

I find comfort and joy in talking about books and sharing my reading experiences. I think that is why I belong to online reading groups. I can discuss books on a level I can't with those in my offline life. Only in recent years have I worked in an office with other readers, and now I have that connection as well. And then of course, there is blogging. Blogging opened an entire world to me in terms of book talk. We share our thoughts about the books we read or want to read. While it is a solitary practice in some sense, blogging has also proven to be a link in connecting with others in the book blogging community.

Reading is a solitary activity, sure. When I read a book, I lose myself in the pages, and it is just me and the characters. Reading, for me, is so much more than that, however. Just as reading is something I do on my own, it is something I share with others. I can't not. It's such a big part of my life.

As for a phrase that I came across recently that made an impact:
A book burrows into your life in a very profound way because the experience of reading is not passive. - Erica Jong, O Magazine, 2003

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  1. I think my answer to this question would be similar to parts of yours. I came from a reading family. I've never been a participant in online book groups (except for the occasional ad-hoc book club or read-along) and my off-line book club fizzled a while ago. Book blogging, however, has always made me feel like I have reading companions, and I do like the fact that (second time around) I married a reader!

  2. First of all, great to have you back! Second, my sweetie is not a reader but enjoys hearing all about what I am reading. I have a book club with a group of women friends that I really enjoy. The book blogging community also helps me feel connected to other readers and of course gives me too many ideas of what I want to read in the future.

  3. At times it is a solitary thing for me, but I often find my son and husband reading at the same time too. Not to mention talking about books with my son and other people in my life!

  4. I don't really read with anyone. My husband and I read together but we read different things. It's still fun though!

  5. Jen - Aren't they? I think so too!

    Florinda - Yes! Book blogging certainly does make me feel connected--I enjoy the interactions I've had with other book bloggers.

    Kathleen - Ah! The fact that your sweetie doesn't mind listening to you talk about your books is a big plus, even if he doesn't like to read himself.

    Staci - It's nice when I can find a quiet place and read--and in that way, I value the solitary aspects of reading. I do like talking about books though and am glad we have outlets to do that. It sounds like it's the same for you, Staci.

    Marie - My husband and I read different things as well--although we do occasionally read the same books. I'm fortunate that he doesn't mind when I need to talk about what I've read! Otherwise, I'd always be talking to the cats and dog. LOL

  6. A house full of readers sounds wonderful. Growing up, I was usually been the only one in the house reading. Now that I live alone it is the same way :-)
    An online reading group sounds interesting

  7. I don't come from a reading family (although my uncle has become a pretty serious reader in his retirement) and most people I know think I'm crazy for reading so much. I do have one friend who will discuss books with me, but otherwise, I have to depend on all my not-so-imaginary blogging friends!

  8. Bee - I really like the convenience of online reading groups--I can post at all hours of the day. Makes it easier for those of us with extra busy schedules. And there are a wide variety out there, depending on your tastes and wants. Some have group reads and others are more laid back and you just read what you want and discuss as you read.

    Jill - Like you, I do tend to read more than the readers in my offline life--or rather, I take it a bit more seriously. Some might say to the point of obsession. There's a few I'm working on though. Maybe I can bring them over to our side . . .

  9. Oh goodness I love that quote. Love. It. Reading is so far from passive.

  10. Jordyn - I really like that quote too. It's so true!

  11. With the right set of people, reading becomes a part of living. My brothers might not read my kind of books yet we can sit with each other and read.

    Here is my Weekly Geeks post!

  12. This is a wonderful post. I so agree with you that even though reading is something we do on our own, it is something we share with others. Just like what we are doing now. :D

  13. Gautami - So true! It really can become a way of life.

    Alice - Thanks, Alice! I enjoy sharing in my reading with you and other bloggers. :-)


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