Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Medical Mystery Madness Challenge Wrap Up

I jumped at the opportunity to join in on Debi's Medical Mystery Madness Challenge as soon as I heard about it. I went through my TBR collection looking for the perfect books to read. I have so many medical mysteries that it made the final decision difficult, but I finally settled on some older books that had been sitting on my shelves for quite a while. The challenge was to read two or more medical mysteries between July 1st and November 1st.

Medical Mystery Selections:
Brain Dead by Eileen Dreyer
Life Support by Tess Gerritsen
The Society by Michael Palmer
The Pumpkin Seed Massacre by Susan Slater

What was my favorite medical mystery novel book of the four I read?

It is such a close call for this one. I am going to have to go with Michael Palmer's The Society, followed closely by Life Support by Tess Gerritsen.

What book could I have done without?

None of the books I read for this challenge turned out to be a disappointment. And while none of them knocked my socks off, each were entertaining, and I came away satisfied overall with my reading experience.

Did you try out a new author for this challenge? If so, which one, and will you be reading that author again?

Three of the authors were completely new to me. Tess Gerritsen was the only author whose work I had read before, and I had only read one of her books before, that being Life Support. I definitely hope to read more by all four of the authors.

What was the best part of the Medical Mystery Madness Challenge?

The best part of this challenge was trying new authors I had been wanting to try for quite a while now. Susan Slater's book had been in my TBR collection since before I began keeping track and Michael Palmer's since 2004.

I also enjoyed visiting the blogs of other challenge participants and learning what other medical mysteries are out there. There are a variety of authors I have yet to try, some I had never heard of before, and even more I have heard of that I haven't yet read. My wish list has been growing by leaps and bounds, not only because of this challenge, but all of them.

Many thanks are due to Debi at Caught Between Worlds for hosting this fun challenge.


  1. Glad to hear you liked your choices. I'm reading my last one for this challenge right now. It's The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen - the first Gerritsen book I've read. I can already tell I'll be reading more by her.

    I keep hearing that Michael Palmer is good too.

  2. I hope to read The Surgeon one of these days. She spins a very suspenseful tale, doesn't she?

  3. Thanks for participating, Wendy! I enjoyed learning about new medical thrillers that I hadn't heard of before as a part of this challenge. It's also fun to see what others think of some of my favorite authors, like Michael Palmer and Tess Gerritsen.

  4. Sounds like a great challenge! When you enjoy all the books and find new authors. I'll have to check out Life Support.

    I really enjoyed your Dorian Gray review too, I had a similar reaction to the book.

  5. Debi - I can see why so many people enjoy Palmer. I definitely plan to read more by him (and Tess Gerritsen too). Thanks again for hosting the challenge! It was a lot of fun.

    Carrie K - Thanks! The challenge was fun. Not that I need an excuse to read a mystery, but it's nice to have one anyway. :-)

  6. These sound like good books. I read Gerritsen and Palmer for this challenge also, but diferent books. Enjoyed both of them. I'll have to add "the Society" to my list.

  7. Framed - They were enjoyable. Both Gerritsen and Palmer have a long list of books to their credit, don't they? Good thing for us!


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