Thursday, April 01, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day from Riley and Literary Feline

Happy April Fool's Day!

Riley asked me to extend his thanks to all of you who supported him in his first foray into blogging. He promises he'll be back once he figures out the new password.

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  1. lol at Tasha's comment :P I look forward to Riley's return :D

  2. Aw...doesn't he look sad that he's been booted by a password change. :(

    We love you Riley!

  3. Aww, that is such a sweet picture of Riley! Such a cutie.

  4. Billy says to tell Riley "good job!"

  5. You are such a handsome devil!
    Mr Sherlock Riley I know you can solve the crime of the missing password!
    (Maybe Wishbone from PBS can give you a hand....he's pretty cool.)
    Hurry back!

  6. lol- he looks a little exhausted from all his hard work! Happy Easter to all of you Wendy.

  7. Oliver says: Hi Riley...wooof....wooof

  8. Riley, you rock! Come back and visit us again soon.

  9. I look forward to seeing more works by Riley, hehe. :)

  10. Riley is adorable! I am glad he had fun during his time blogging!

  11. Riley is Fabulous! I can't wait to read more from him:)
    You have an award on my blog. Please come by and check it out:)

  12. Tasha - Shh! Don't give the new password away! Riley might hear you.

    Ana & Kathy - He's looking forward to visiting again too. Hopefully under more acceptable terms.

    Serena - He is pretty sad about being kicked off the computer. He had a lot of fun that day.

    Steph - Riley's such a sweetheart. :-)

    Jill - Riley hopes to see more of Billy in the future. :-)

    Carla - Riley's working hard on figuring out the new password. :-)

    Darlene - Riley did find it exhausting, but he had a lot of fun. :-)

  13. Sandy - Riley thanks Casper. He thinks Casper rocks too.

    Staci - Isn't he adorable? I can never resist nuzzling him.

    Alice - LOL Riley says he'll get back online as soon as he can.

    Sylvie - Riley says hi to Oliver and hopes he is doing well.

    Jaimie - Riley thanks you and hopes you'll sign the petition for him to come back sooner than later. ;-)

    Melody - Hopefully Riley will grace us with his presence again one of these days. Just on my terms and not his.

    Zibilee - He did have fun. Now he wants to play. LOL

    Bobbie - Thank you, Bobbie! I'll be over soon. :-) Riley thinks he's pretty fabulous too. LOL

  14. This is a riot! I just love Riley's style of writing! And what a cutie! Very creative!

  15. Linda - Riley's humans taught him well. :-)

  16. Poor guy! :) I notice that you haven't been blogging much lately either (when you ignore your Google Reader and just let everything pile up for months it's easy to "read" people's blogging habits). Hope all is well with you, Wendy!

  17. Riley is a doll. I hope you're well since you've been missing from the blog.

  18. Miss reading your posts, hope all is well.

  19. I knew I hadn't seen a new post from you in my reader for a while - didn't realize it had been a whole month! Hope everyone is okay with you and yours.

  20. I'm just coming back from my hiatus. Hope you make it back soon!

  21. Trish, Kristen, Carla, Carrie - Riley's still pouting over not being allowed to blog anymore--at least for the time being. LOL

    Thank you for your concern. I'll be back to posting tomorrow.

    Jen - So glad you're back!


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